Year of birth: 1958
Height: 1.73 m.
City of residence: Moscow-Canada

Education: Serves in the "Snuffbox", is also one of its founders and a student of O. Tabakov

Skills: English perfect

«Female Praying Mantis», Dir. N. Egen, the role of Bazhenov (2021)
Survivors: Jonah, dir. E. Emelin, the main role of Ion (2021) "A Good Man", Dir. K. Bogomolov, the role of Cold (2020) "Lost" A. Malyukov (2018)
"Gurzuf" D. Konstantinov (2018)
"Sunset" A. Annensky (2015)
"Home of Peace" Michael Rowe (2015)
"Two winters and three summers" T. Esadze (2013)
"First Russian" V. Levin (2011)
"Dreams of the old hotel" D.Goldman (2010)
"Roots, beets and Russia" Glib Galkin (2010)
"Fatal Eggs" S. Lomkin (1995)
"Inspector" S. Gazarov (1991)
"Casus improvisation" E. Kamenkovich, A. Surikova (1991) "Condemned" A. Kordon (1989)
"Earthly joys" S. Kolosov (1988)
"This is such a story ..." I. Selezneva (1987)
"Sincerely yours" A. Surikov (1985)
"I still love, I still hope" N. Lyrchikov (1984)
"Among a thousand roads" V. Zobin (1983)
"Greetings from the front" I. Kiasashvili (1983)
"We didn't wait, we didn't guess!" V. Titov (1982)
"Cooling and snow are expected" N. Dostal (1981)
"Thanks to all!" I. Selezneva (1981)

DIRECTOR Rita Lenskikh