Year of birth: 1995
Height: 1.8 m.
City of residence: Moscow

Education: Moscow Art Theater School (2018), course by I. Zolotovitsky and S. Zemtsov

Skills: Foreign languages: English (fluent), German (intermediate), French (basic), category B license (cars), guitar, pop vocals (baritone), karate, choreography, horse riding, fencing, stage combat

"Turn" A. Bogatyrev (2022)
"Snoop 6" A. Golovkov (2022)
"Penguins of my mother" N. Meshchaninov (2021)
"Red Ghost" A. Bogatyrev (2021)
"Essay on the theme" S. Makarov-Vasilchenko (2021)
"Chikatilo" S. Andreasyan (2021)
"Streets of Heroes" A. Kitatsev (2021)
"Clinic of Happiness" S. Kiriyenko (2021)
"Anna Detective 2" D. Oleonsky (2021)
"Misha spoils everything 2" I. Silaev (2021)
"Simple Question" K. Al-Waris (2021)
"Young and strong will survive" E. Krasner (2020)
"Whirlpool" A. Zagidullin (2020)
"Katya and Black" G. Kireeva (2020)
"Ambulance 3" B. Drobyazko (2020)
"Someone else's holiday" G. Berdov (2019)
"Mini-miss Izhevsk" N. Gorbushin (2019)
"Titmouse 2" V. Vlasov (2019)
"Club of Anonymous Liars" M. Ivanov (2019)
"Jump" A. Borovikov (2017)
"Careful" I. Silaev (2017)
"About love" R. Ivanov (2017)
"Ideal detective" I. Silaev (2016)

AGENT Valentina Vasilyeva
+7 916 464 95 13