Year of birth: 1979
Height: 1.6 m.
City of residence: Moscow

Education: RATI-GITIS (workshop of A.V. Borodin)

Skills: French native, English fluent, German, figure skating, dancing

Drive, dir. A. Mammadov, the role of Sasha-director (2020)
Ricochet, dir. D. Karyshev, V. Kirillov, the role of Rais (2019)
Abigail, dir. A. Boguslavsky, the role of Lillian (2019)
"Solitaire" dir. E. Brodach, short film (2018)
"Lake of the Dead: Mermaid", dir. S. Podgaevsky, the role of Marina (2018) "Insomnia", dir. V. Yakovlev, the role of Stacy, Mike's wife (2018)
"Little Train" (short) dir. T. Dondurei (2017) "Lost reflection. Confession of a kept woman" dir. E. Zhigaeva (2017) "Kommunalka" dir. A. Mammadov, the role of Lucy (2015)
"Election Day-2" dir. A. Barshak (2015)
"French Cooking", dir. S. Sentsov, main role (2014)